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The Secrets Of Roasting

Selection. Blending. Production

Blending is an art that must be practiced with dedication and skill. It is itself the added value of Caffè Maya.

Mr. Bruno Rimoldi of Caffè Maya Como

The added value of Maya Caffè

Everything starts from here

Since 1979 we at Caffè Maya have been using only carefully and rigorously selected coffees for our blends.
We rely solely on qualified suppliers whose work is supervised by our team that has the task of checking the right supply of the green coffee .

Maya coffee blends are subjected to strict quality controls, guaranteed by professionals who are passionate about everything that revolves around the world of coffee.

The coffee, after traveling inside jute bags, a distance quantifiable at half of the global circumference or about 9000 km, is unloaded in our Como laboratory ready to be finely processed.

Reception, Verification, Cleaning and Storage

Production begins

The first step in the production chain is also the first of our very strict quality control team. The employees select grain by grain the green coffee on arrival and in case of defects it is discarded.

At the end of this first check of the raw material, the coffee is poured into a silo loading pit, where it is sieved, before entering the silos, to clean it thoroughly in order to avoid the presence of wood and stones in the finished product. Finally, its storage takes place, divided by origin of provenance and batch of arrival.

The art of roasting

Let's start with the Roasting

The coffee is sucked from the silos in the testator ready to undergo the most important treatment of the entire production chain of the company: roasting , that is the moment when coffee is transformed into the product most present in our eating habits. This is the time when i coffee sieves they become what we all know.

Cooling is everything

The summary of the production chain

At the end of the roasting cycle, the coffee undergoes two new quality controls to be then stored again for a given rest period so that it ends its own transformation process .

Cooling is a key element since it is through this that coffee enhances its qualities, richly developing them organoleptic properties that will make it unique and priceless.

If you are a distributor or retailer looking for a new partner for the production of your Coffee Blend, we are what you are looking for