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The Artisan Coffee Roasting Process

The roasting process of Artisan coffee

“Fluid bed” or “artisanal rotary drum” roasting

There are two roasting methods most used to process coffee beans.

The first method uses a machine that blows jets of hot air up to 400 ° C in a few minutes, a method called “fluid bed”, used by large companies to speed up the production process.

The artisan roasting method, unlike the first, involves processing in an oven called a “rotating drum” which heats the beans to temperatures of about 200 ° for up to 25 minutes, accompanying the raw material in the transformation process.

There is also a lot of love and passion

The main difference between the two methods is roasting.

The substantial difference between the two methods is that the roasting, in the first, does not arrive excellently in the heart of the coffee bean, thus compromising its organoleptic properties, and that is why the Maya Coffee Roasting uses the second method, to ensure that the processing of each grain is treated and uniform to emphasize its properties.

This is why our coffee is synonymous with the highest quality and stands out when compared with that of the major competitors on the market.

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